Welcome to GF Spa

We are a leading provider of inspection technology & filling solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

GF has been active in industrial automation since 1979, designing and manufacturing machinery for quality and process control in the pharmaceutical and beverage sectors. The core competences of GF apply to inspection machines, filling lines and complete ISBM systems.

GF is the ideal partner for flexible, reliable filling applications, where tailor-made solutions meet high performance and efficiency.

Our Expertise

Filling systems

GF can offer a broad production program for both aseptic and multi-function filling lines Injectables, infusions, ophthalmic preparations, antibiotic powders, syrups, and more...

Inspection equipment

Designed and manufactured taking advantage of deep knowledge and experience in mechanical handling and control systems.

Monobloc Systems

GF combines the need of particulate and cosmetic control with the increasing demand of vacuum decay or high voltage leak detection.


ISBM technology is the modern manufacturing trend for LVP solutions. GF S.p.A. can produce and supply complete processing lines both for IV bottles and bags.

Custom projects

GF has a proven skill for designing and manufacturing custom solutions.